What is the Community of Jesus

As taken directly from Wikipedia.org

The Community of Jesus traces its beginning to a meeting of two Episcopal women, Judy Sorensen and Cay Andersen, in the late 1950s. The women, both heavily influenced by the Charismatic movement of the time, began attracting followers in the early 1960s. By the early 1970s, many families had moved to the area, forming a sort of compound within a mile radius of the original home of founders Cay and Bill.

As the group grew, Cay and Judy — referred to internally as “The Founders” or as “Mother Cay and Mother Judy” — continued to speak God’s prophecy to the group, as well as teach the charisms of healing and Glossolalia (or “speaking in tongues”).

In 1988, Mother Cay died, and Mother Judy retired shortly thereafter. They were replaced by Betty Pugsley, who also goes by her maiden name Elizabeth Patterson as the director of the community’s choir, Gloriae Dei Cantores, and is known as Mother Betty in her role as the current Prioress of the community. Mother Betty Pugsley has also assigned her children, Rick Pugsley, Jr. and daughter Wendy Pugsley, to leadership roles in the community, while her husband Rick Pugsley, Sr. lives in England.

Today, as might be expected, the community looks much different than it did in early days. It presently consists of about 275 members, all of whom live within a one-mile radius in Orleans.